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By a show of hands – who wants to promote good health this Thanksgiving?

“Who wants turkey? Raise your hands,” will be asked millions of times across America tomorrow.


Those hundreds of millions of hands will be coming in, fresh from touch football, after hours in traffic, toggling the remote between the big game and the dog show, sharing toys and, pardon the image, returning – unwashed – from a visit to the bathroom.

Unwashed hands are great hosts for germs, especially on Thanksgiving, when we’re so physically close to so many people, and when sharing gives us so much joy. Not sharing colds, flu and other illnesses that are easily passed on will give even more joy.

The good news is that the solutions are so very simple.

Encourage everyone to wash their hands with warm, soapy water for as much time as it takes to sing Happy Birthday (or Happy Thanksgiving) twice. If you’re the host, have soap and hand towels at every sink. Start a Thanksgiving Day Parade that begins at the sink and leads to the table.

If it’s inconvenient getting everyone to a sink, set up a large pump bottle of hand sanitizer at each end of the table and, again, set the example by using it yourself.

What about people who are already sick? If they’re grown-ups, with fever and headaches and are coughing and sneezing uncontrollably, they should have already absented themselves from the festivities. If they’re kids, set them up at a little table nearby their siblings and cousins, where they can be part of the fun without spreading their germs. And if they’re in recovery mode, offer them a Sneeve.

The payoff: Sending your dear friends and family home with leftovers, not illnesses.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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